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Sherlock Holmes Stories In Malayalam Pdf 221 bernwend




ficient to justify my wish to quit my post; my earlier habits were all dead; and my wages would have sunk to nothing but for my wife's fortune. On the other hand, my wife had a strong incentive in her wish to separate, because I had so repeatedly and so entirely failed to play a part in her management of our home. In fact, my greatest difficulty was that I would not let her go without a struggle, and by the time I had abandoned my post, she had almost reached the point of telling me that the whole thing was simply unbearable. I would not go away, but waited in vain for her to ask me if I had finally made up my mind to return. And when at last she did suggest the matter, it was under the distinct impression that she was doing a thing that had to be done. She had convinced herself, quite wrongly, that I had long been longing for the end. I could not imagine any other place in the world where my interests would be so manifestly governed by chance and outside influences. It was not merely the absence of any personal influence in our home, such as my kind of public life would have provided, but rather the fact that the home itself, as such, seemed to me dead and useless. I would have nothing to do with anything that had to do with domestic management, or with routine, or even with that peculiar species of comfort that, with me, is usually called the "home-feel- ing." I could be far more comfortable, in other surroundings, where I would have had to bother with nothing whatever but the profession and daily tasks of my work. The remoteness of my home from my wife and me alike, as well as the fact that we did not even have our meals together, was appalling to me. I felt a real uneasiness at the thought of my three weeks' vacation each year, while she and the children would be shut up in the country all the time. I felt that, if I had to choose between living with her under the circumstances I then found myself, and working away somewhere else, I would surely always choose the former. In fact, I went about saying that I would not go away if she stayed, and that I had no objection whatever to her leaving if she wished. I felt quite certain that she would find, in due course, someone else who would be far more worthy of her. Now that I had abandoned the post, I began to see what this absence of "personal




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Sherlock Holmes Stories In Malayalam Pdf 221 bernwend

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